These are my other domains.

Hi there! I’m a semi retired real estate owner, when I’m not creating web services for myself, I’m doing research. This is one of my website, that I’ve registered. I’ve also registered a dozen other domain names that I will create into websites before I’m finished.

I and my loving wife live in New York City. We have a lovely upstate home, near Oneonta, NY. I really love to be among the great and tall trees that abound on our land.

Its a lovely spot, with hundreds of Pines that go back a far distance. There are many logging trails that venture hither and yon and go back for more than a few miles. Most of them also follow a small stream that flows all year round.

For more details you need to know, that will help you if and when you going to setup and develop your own websites read on. You particularly need to know that I’m not setting up this data regarding the domain names of my other websites as being linked, because Google would not like that and I’d be penalize for doing it. So if you will just take note of the names and visit my sites a bit later, that’ll be fine, and it would help us both. They are all titled as www.franks; 2) is named, and of course there is also 3), then I’ve got cool stuff for when its hot out called, 4), and naturally I’ve got stuff for when its downright damn cold out that I’ve call my, 5), then I got one for when you need to get, 6), of course we got a real, 7), plus a, 8), then there are the easy stuff at, 9), 10), 11), and lastly there’s, 12) where I tell you a bit about my very dark days. Have fun and check out all the products that I’ve found for you at great low prices.

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